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Underwriting & Diligence

Lighthouse offers comprehensive due diligence and underwriting services to the commercial real estate marketplace.

Why consider Lighthouse for Asset Underwriting?

In the current credit environment, the Lighthouse team understands timing is a critical function in delivering the most effective solution for our clients. We feel it is important to be prepared with the most current loan and property information on your portfolio for credit and regulatory functions, presentation to prospective investors or managing your portfolio more efficiently. Our team has a proven track record working with financial institutions in gathering pertinent collateral data and setting up a method for ongoing monitoring and surveillance. We understand every institution is different and tailor our due diligence services to you based on the composition of your portfolio’s collateral and your timing requirements.

  • We have an experienced team of due diligence specialists with extensive backgrounds in loan documentation review to create databases of relevant loan and property information and reports on an asset-specific basis.

  • We understand our clients’ strategic objectives and apply our superior knowledge in loan documentation review which gives our team the ability to perform extensive due diligence in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our “Around The Clock” approach allows us to complete projects under any time constraints.

  • Our loan due diligence involves a review of all legal documents, third party reports and current property level information along with performing financial calculations.

  • Our underwriting analysis includes modeling of historical and pro forma cash flows, reviewing rent rolls, property leases and other related real estate and credit documentation as well as performing site inspections upon request.

  • Our due diligence and underwriting services platform covers all asset performance types and major property types within the real estate marketplace.


Contact Walden Wong for more information on our Underwriting & Diligence Services.

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